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18 December 2008 @ 02:04 pm
L likes to eat pudding off of Matsuda's back  
Well, it's been over a year since I was stamped, and I have changed drastically (I won't share who I was stanped as, because that might lead to bias)

Name: Dani Elle (yes, it's just Danielle with a space)
Age: 20
Height: 5'4" ;_;
Personality: I have a 2-sided personality that makes me feel like a total freak XD But I am who I am, and I love myself!
Side 1: optimistic and very friendly. I get along with everyone and get make friends effortlessly. I always try to look on the bright side and I'm good at helping people with my problems. I believe that, though people appear evil in general, everyone has good inside that will someday be shown.
Side 2: I'm really awkward and don't have much confidence. I'm a hermit and I'm terrible at social situations. This is the side most people rarely see.
In general I'm just a dopey, friendly girl with too much enthusiasm who loves to have fun, though I have deeper levels XDD I am the ultimate dork
Strengths: optimism, independence, strong values and sense of justice, good listener, can bounce back easily after disappointment or heartbreak, compassionate, keeps a cool head in dramatic situations, good at peacemaking and making people forget that they were fighting with random comments.
Weaknesses: most of my strengths are my weaknesses. I'm so optimistic that it bothers people, I'm independent to the point when I'm usually alone, I refuse to change my values to appease others and I hate to see things that aren't fair happen so much that it bothers me for days (maybe because I'm a Libra). I'm compassionate to the point that I will do anything for someone if they need it, even if they're a bad person. And of course I can be really stubborn and driven too much by emotion. I really, really annoying and I can be loud and bother everyone around me. I'm obsessive-compulsive, and I'm a dork.
Bad Habits: I apologize to fill silence, I have a terrible problem with procrastination, I argue even if I know I'm wrong, I tend to have a really bad and unhealthy diet, I don't sleep when I should, I make a lot of noise when I eat, I have to wash my hands constantly, I hug people without thinking, I jovially greet people I don't know, I correct poeple's grammar without meaning to.

Likes: music, writing, food, candy, theater, fashion design, anime, manga, researching random topics, gothic lolita, Hello Kitty, random people, my family, animals, sunshine, warm weather, HTML
Dislikes: being cold, homophobics, eggs, sleeping when I don't want to, being ordered around, injustice, mean people, sports, bad grammar, animal cruelty
Hobbies: writing, singing, painting, photography, reading about serial killers XD, roleplaying, video games, baking. I love to make candy.
Talents: I'm good with words, I can write fairly well, I have ESP, and I can read people's emotions. YAY! And also, I can win an argument even if both of us know I'm wrong, because I can pull stuff out of my ass that sounds relevant and I can make myself seem smarter than I really am XD
Interests: serial killers, forgeign cultures and languages, mythology, vampires, zombies, video games, music, anime, manga, homoerotica, sleep deprivation experiments, Japanese horror films

Favourite character: Either Mello or Matsuda
Least favourite character: hmmm... Takada.
Would you use the Death Note?: I have no idea! I can't really imagine myself in that position. If I was, I'd probably be too afraid to do it, since I can't imagine taking anyone's life. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I'd probably destroy the note to make sure no one got killed with it.
Who would you use it on, and why?: No one, because human life is way to precious for me to be able to decide who lives and who dies.
Do you support Kira?: Yes. He helped drop crime rates far more than the corrupt justice system ever could, and until he turned into an asshole and decided he wanted to be God, the path he took was noble. But I do believe that if we have capital punishment, and the government has the right to pass judgement on criminals, why shouldn't Kira? Kira was part of the public, the people who are directly affected by the actions of criminals. What better way to kill those who threaten citizens than by the hand of citizens.
But I do believe that much power should never be in the hands of humans. We are greedy by nature and, even if our path is riteous in the beginning, power will corrupt us.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm screening comments to prevent the whole "bandwagon" effect. ^^

My five votes!:
sometimes I wonder.
why any of us.
don't bother to smile when.
it can make us feel.
so very alive.

GOOD LORD, I'm sorry about how much a rambled!!!! DX
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