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09 January 2009 @ 05:52 pm
L Likes Pudding  
Name: Erica
Age: 24
Height: 5'6''

Personality: I tend towards introversion and can be shy, especially in large groups; however, I am effusive and expressive once I get comfortable with people.  I prefer having a small group of close friends to a larger circle.  I study other people for fun and tend to judge them quickly, though not always in a negative light. Depending on the occasion I can be either very serious or crazy whimsical.  I like dark and kinky things, but also cute fluffy things. I prefer casual clothing and most frequently wear jeans and T-shirts with hoodies, though I do enjoy doing my eye makeup daily.  I have been told I am a good listener.  I’m quirky, cynical, and sarcastic, but for some reason people like me.

Strengths: Creativity and imagination. Determination. Independence. General academics.

Weaknesses: Perfectionism. Indecision. Impossibly high standards. General awkwardness. And in a strange kind of way (since I don’t think I’m especially good looking), vanity.

Bad Habits:  Biting my nails and eating them.  Correcting others’ grammar and usage. Unintentionally ignoring people when I’m in my own little world.

Likes:  Autumn. Used bookstores. Dessert. Christmas. Coffee. Scrabble. The ocean at night. A wide variety of music. Archaeology. Cheese. Apple computers. Mysteries. Travel. Chapstick. Stripes. My dog. Thinking. The Internet. ^_^

Dislikes:   Stupidity. Bigotry. Religious fundamentalism. Phones. Rowdy parties. Motorcycles. Being late. Asking for help.  Being asked if I need help.  Bad grammar.  Litter.  Wearing fancy shoes. Rap. Injustice. Bees. Logistics. Annoying people. Laundry. Making mistakes.

Hobbies:   Reading. Writing. Drawing.  Playing piano and guitar. Running even when it’s freezing. Yoga.

Talents:  See above; I don’t like doing things I’m not good at. Also: memorization, taking tests, learning languages, understanding children.   

Interests:  I’ve already answered this.

Favorite character:   L (yes, I know, I’m really original).

Least favorite character:  Misa, hands down.

Would you use the Death Note?:    I would like to answer an unequivocal “no,” but it’s impossible to say for sure as I’ve never been in that situation.

Whom would you use it on, and why?:   I would save it for a special circumstance.

Do you support Kira :   No.

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Rnecrohamster on January 12th, 2009 02:20 am (UTC)
I'm thinking pre-Kira Light.

It's kinda hard for me to explain, but I get that sort of feeling. The strength in academics, test taking, and perfectionism remind me of him big time. You mentioned vanity as a weakness of yours and I see that in Light. I can imagine him also disliking asking for help or making mistakes... basically being afraid of appearing incompetent. Disliking injustice... I guess that point's kinda obvious. :P

Even though you mention not supporting Kira, when Light didn't have memories of being Kira, he thought that catching Kira was the right thing to do... so I would say that he didn't support him either.