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Yo s'up.

Mod here. But I guess you knew that already, from the tag and all. I'm sorry about how long it's taken for some of you to be stamped! I had been out on a 7.5 month deployment with the Navy and only returned about a month and a half ago. Needless to say, this community had been pushed way into the back of my head!

Some things have changed greatly (See: tagging system. See also: layout and comm icon), but they are wonderful changes, and I am so very appreciative of how this community was taken care of in my absence, though I've just gone through the most recent entries (the latest 100 or so) to stamp those I could see. However, there's a bit of a question I have.

So Sapah_Fu and Tenshi_Saito have relinquished their modding. And, while I was gone, gave some mod powers to other people. Which is good! I'm just curious as to who has mod access now, so that they can be properly designated in the comm info. If you have mod access, which includes stamping, please do let me know!

Also, I'm looking at the Tags list, and it seems MisaMisa is in the lead! With 126 stamped people, this exceeds the next most voted, L, at 110! Wow, you guys, it's amazing that this little comm has over 500 people! I'm so glad that has expanded as it has. Keep it up, everyone, and tell your friends! <333
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[mod] Stepping down.

Um, hello. I haven't said anything to this community in a while.

I don't have any interest in working on this community anymore, so I'm stepping down. There's barely any activity anymore anyway, so the community should be fine with the remaining stamper.