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06 January 2009 @ 12:19 am
L likes the pudding.  
Name: Nami
Age: 17
Height: 169cm
Personality: Hard to describe.;; I`m mostly honest and don`t remember ever manipulating people. My views on life are very simple and plain; I take it as it comes. Sometimes others are offended by my lack of reaction towards things like death, accidents, wars etc. while I do care about it, but take it as a natural phenomenon. I have strong views and it`s hard to change my opinion, also once I decide that I like something or I believe that what I`m doing is right, I never get offended by people who say otherwise. I try to live my life happily and often do little things to make myself and others happy. I value every person I meet (human life in general), although it`s hard to gain my trust, however I`m very loyal to my friends who have gained it. Oh, and some people say I`m cute ;;;;; I could agree, but opposing that, Nami has a blood fetish and insomnia.
Strengths: I control my life and never delay on emotions, so It`s hard to break me.  
Weaknesses: I have problems expressing my feelings, which my friends find annoying. I get sick easily and spend too much time inside drawing, writing, reading, playing etc. I dislike things many other people like and get lots of hate for that.
Bad Habits: Stay up too late, often space out thinking, bite my nails, play with matches, knives, scissors, pins etc.

Likes: Summer and Winter, my friends, history, cooking, lolita fashion, watching movies.
Dislikes: When it`s wet and gray outside, wankers, maths and physics.
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, cooking, playing/listening to music, browsing the internet....
Talents: Have basic knowledge of German and a little of Japanese. Can play violin, piano, drums and guitar. Some people say I`m a good writer, some say I`m a great artist or acceptable RPer.I can analyze events and guess what might happen next. I easily catch clues and link them.  
Interests: Anything connected to my fandom in general, history, literature, foreign cultures.

Favourite character: To be honest, I love Mello, Near and L equally. However, It`s no way a request to stamp me as one of them.
Least favourite character: The kiras. Takada mostly.
Would you use the Death Note?: No. I didn`t gave the life, I have no right to take it away. Also, every person in this world is able to change or feel sorry for their actions.
Who would you use it on, and why?: I wouldn`t use it.
Do you support Kira?: No.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Nope.

Pictures!: Photobucket Not very clear, I know. ;;
Rnecrohamster on January 11th, 2009 07:41 am (UTC)
I see both L and Near in you... mostly because you mention having great control over your emotions and don't express them easily. And because you said you spend a lot of time indoors doing quiet activities. I was thinking of Rem as well, but I think that while Rem has compassion for some other beings (mostly Misa and Gelus, that I can think of) she also mentions things like how humans are "disgusting creatures." So she doesn't really seem to value human life in general, like you mention you do.

Since you said that you don't manipulate others, I can't vote L in good conscience. While Near's also manipulative, he seems more honest and places more value in human life.

So I think I'll have to go with Near.